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Friday, March 7, 2014

Show and DON'T Tell

My artist friend Tegan, who does the photography for this blog, tells me that I talk too much. On this blog, I mean. Well, I mean, she says I talk too much in general, but especially on this blog. She says people don't have days and days to read all my talking, and I need to learn how to tell stories with pictures instead of words. So I'm going to try out her advice, and show you the styles I create without talking about them a lot.

All I will say about today's outfit is: It's gloomy out and I needed some bright color to make me smile; everybody on earth seems to be wearing this sweater, so I wanted to try my hand at styling it; and this is Charlie and she's my bestbestBESTBESTBEST friend of all time EVER. <3

Tell me what you think, okay? Should I keep practicing not using words so much?

Outfit details
Asymmetric-hem sweater: AG Isabelle's Coral Sweater 
Cami: Vintage 
Purple irridescent jeans: The Dolly Stand (shop no longer exists) 
Necklace: Department 18 
Earrings: Claire's
Sneakers: AG Blue Jeans Basics (first edition)


  1. Oh I love the necklace! The light blue drops are such a nice contrast to the coral pink sweater. :) Charlie looks beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Lilly Maiden! Charlie says thank you, too. I really love the way the turquoise drops pick up the iridescent blue sparkles in the purple jeans, too. There's nothing better than sparkly clothes on a grey day, I say. Now I have to convince Charlie to give the necklace back.... ;)