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Friday, February 28, 2014

Stripes, Stripes, Stripes!

Wow, it's pretty bad news when it's only your fourth blog post and you're already cheating. But you see, I've been sick in bed for days now, and... and.... *sigh* I promise to do better in future, really!

How am I cheating, you ask? Well, the truth is, I didn't do a thing to this outfit except add the necklace and boots. The designer, Sandra at 123 Mulberry Street, put the whole thing together just this way. We will definitely mix-and-match it in future, but for this post, it's just so cute the way it is that I had to show you! Also, I wanted to introduce you to my friend Tabitha. Tabitha almost always dresses goth, so finding outfits she's willing to model is a real challenge, even though she looks great in so many things. She really liked this outfit when she saw it, even though it's not exactly goth, so I thought I would seize the opportunity to have her model. The grey jersey-knit dress looks fab on her:

So, the really fun thing about this outfit is the slouchy thick-stripe legwarmers over thin-stripe leggings in the same grey and fuchsia. Tabitha says she couldn't walk very far without the legwarmers sagging to the ground, but sometimes you have to put up with a few inconveniences for the sake of fashion, right?

By the way, those are vintage Doc Martens, you guys! I found them in a charity shop the last time I was in Brighton, and my Mama let me buy them. She said they're from all the way back in the 1990s, when Docs were part of 'grunge' fashion. Wow! 

The funky, slouchy hat and black and silver necklace top off this outfit:

 I hope you enjoy the look... even though I'm not the one who put it together! I'm feeling loads better now, though, so I promise I'll be back on my game for the next post. Cheers!

Outfit details:
Dress, hat, leggings, and legwarmers: 123 Mulberry Street
Doc Martens: AG Red Vinyl Jumper outfit
Necklace: I can't remember! So we'll say it's vintage. If you recognize it, leave me a comment and I'll update the post!


  1. I love the legwarmers and leggings combo! Not something I would have thought of but it's very flattering!

  2. That was what attracted me, too, Traci, and Tabitha said it was her favorite part of the outfit also. If I'd put the outfit together, I might've made them arm warmers instead, but I really like the leggings/legwarmer look even better. I like that the slouchy legwarmers give some weight to the bottom part of the outfit. Thanks for coming by! :)