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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Leather and Tweed

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I'm feeling a bit under the weather today, I'm afraid, and the matron has sent me to bed with a cup of tea after a dose of the foulest-tasting cough medicine you can possibly imagine. My best friend Charlie -- you'll meet her soon, I promise -- stopped by a few minutes ago to bring me some maths homework, and she stayed for a quick hand of poker. We love poker, but I'm dreadful at it. Charlie says every thought that goes through my head is written on my face, clear as day. But she's not much better... she always chews her bottom lip when she's got a bad hand!

Today's outfit began rather tongue-in-cheek. I'm told there's a bit of a stereotype of English people in America, that we all say things like 'Pip pip! Cheerio!' all the time, and spend our holidays fox-hunting and playing at cricket in our white flannels, as if we'd all just stepped out of a P. G. Wodehouse novel. It's not a bit true (okay, possibly some of it is true for some people sometimes... and I do like Wodehouse). But it did get me thinking about putting together an outfit with some of those 'traditional' English trappings. So I chose something leather, something tweed, a cricket-ish white jumper... and then I asked my American friend Hannah to model. :)

Tegan, my photographer friend, asked me to say sorry the light's a bit wonky in some of these photos... we went outside first, but the hat kept throwing shadows over Hannah's face, and Tegan didn't have her reflector to fix it! We'll do better next time! Meanwhile, here's one from outside, so you can see the color of the tights better:

I love the collar of this jumper (or sweater, as Americans say) -- the way the ribbing is smaller than it is on the body and sleeves, and the wee button detail. I echoed the round buttons with a chain belt that's also made of circles:

The lovely tights match some of the speckles in the tweed hat, and liven up an otherwise neutral outfit. And that bright green keeps us looking forward to spring, even though it's turned off cold again:

What do you think? Does Hannah look like she should be wandering the moors? Or shopping in London?

Outfit details:
 Leather skirt: Department 18
Jumper: Fashioned4You
Hat: Newleaf original


  1. Hannah looks quite nice, I must say! I like her boots! The green tights really pop. Nicely done Audra!


  2. Wow, I love that sweater! It's gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Neth! It gets a lot of wear around here. Most of us share clothes all the time, and this sweater seems to go with everything. :)


  3. Hi, it's Edaj. Wodehouse is THE reason to love Brits. OK, kidding. I'm not too much of a fashion person but I like this outfit, and I love the green tights. I have a pair just like this, though I haven't quite figured out what to wear with it.

    1. Thanks, Edaj! I love Wodehouse. I went through a phase about three years ago where he was all I read when I wasn't reading for school. Have you seen the TV series based on his Jeeves & Wooster stories? Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry are some of my favorite actors in the world. Love that series!

      My dolls' addiction to tights mirrors one of my own. If it's cold enough for them, my legs are usually clad in some outlandish color. Your green tights would probably be cute with a jeans skirt and a yellow shirt, or maybe a black skirt and a white T-shirt?

      Thanks for coming by to read the blog! (Please forgive this late reply -- real life took over for a few days.)

      --Robin (aka Audra's big person)